Banana Breakup

High-flying comedy from two frenetic improvisers powered by Red Bull. 7-time DSI CageMatch Champions and headline act at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival and Black Box Improv Festival for the past three years, Kit FitzSimons and Eitan Lees perform the highest-energy two-man longform improv you will see this side of Saturday morning television. More fun than a barrel of Roombas, their motto is “The Floor Is Lava” – the entire show takes place on top of ladders, stage blocks and whatever else their mandatory waivers will allow. Come fear for their safety; you won’t be sorry. Banana Breakup: GO!

Tickets for this performance are still available!



About the Group:

Kit FitzSimons has been performing improv for over 11 years and has studied under Zach Ward, Porter Mason, Corey Brown, Ross White, Scott Jennings and Jeremy Griffin. He is a motion-capture actor for Epic Games in Cary, has modeled for Piratanicals (an online pirate-shirt retailer), is cofounder of the weekly creative-project Tumblr MARVIN ARTISTS, and regularly jets (i.e. drives) down to Georgia to guest-coach and/or perform in Atlanta theaters. He is currently a member of BANANA BREAKUP, BETAMAX! and house Harold team KID LINCOLN. He coaches DSI’s high school team, Giuseppe, and independent team PT Scarborough Is A Movie.

Eitan Lees Started taking classes at the Dirty South Improv Theater in 2005 and has been involved with the theater ever since. Throughout high school Eitan performed with the Chapel Hill High School Improv Company. Eitan has done various performances at the Comedy Sportz World Tournament, the Del Close Marathon and the Dirty South Improv Festival. In 2007 Eitan teamed up with Kit Fitzsimons to make Banana Break up for an improv competition called the dual duel. Banana Breakup has performed in the Black Box improv Festival and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Eitan is now majoring in physics at Appalachian State University where he performs with the ASU improv troupe NouN.

Hometown: Carrboro, NC
Home Theatre: DSI Comedy Theater


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