Meet Connie and Connie. These two broads meet up regular-like to kvetch about their problems and ask you what the hell yours is. Their “take no prisoners” approach includes nail artistry, table games, fabulous lids, delicious treats and the musical stylings of various rap artists.

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Liz Scott and Alli Soowal of BWP


About the Group:

Alli Soowal is a Producer of the Philadelphia Improv Festival. She performs regularly with ComedySportz Philly. She has performed at festivals and events around the country – including the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, the Del Close Marathon, the Philadelphia Improv Festival, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival and the ComedySportz World Championships. She has been an invited performer at the Magnet Theater and at the DSI Comedy Theater – guest performing at DSI with their signature show MISTER DIPLOMAT. Alli has been taught by some of the best – including Keith Johnstone, Joe Bill, Mark Sutton, Zach Ward, Jill Bernard, Asaf Ronen and many others.

Liz Scott enjoys eating mayonaisse and watching America’s Next Top Model in her spare time. She is also a black-belt in Accents. She is an outlaw in Peru. She has a lot more to write for her bio to get it up to the correct length so the formatting on this page won’t get messed up!

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home Theatre: N/A


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