Jessica Tandy

International star of stage and screen, Jessica Tandy was known to most Americans as the eponymous Miss Daisy. But Jessica Tandy was so much more than that. She was super British and super classy. She had an elegant neck. You might even say Jessica Tandy was the original Helen Mirren. And because the name Jessica Tandy coincidentally contains the first names of Philadelphia improvisers Jess Ross and Andy Moskowitz, she’s back from her classy grave (an obscenely intricate Mausoleum) and ready to rock you with some hot duo-prov. Focusing on rich character development and lots of silliness, Jessica Tandy is guaranteed to “drive you daisy” with laughter! Jessica Tandy is directed by Kristen Schier.

Tickets for this performance are still available!

About the Group:

Jess Ross is a member of The N Crowd and Asteroid, a house team of the Philly Improv Theater. She attended the Southern New Jersey Academy of Performing Arts and received her B.A in Theater with a minor in Anthropology from Ramapo College of New Jersey. She has studied Clowning and Comedy under Maria Vail and has studied Improv with Kristen Schier and Mike Marbach.

Andy Moskowitz is a member of ComedySportz Philadelphia, Philly Improv Theater’s house team Fletcher and Troika 2010 winner Pasiones de Pasiones. He has studied improv with Armando Diaz, Asaf Ronen, Susan Messing, Jake Schneider, Tara Copeland, Peter McNerney and Mark Grenier. He has a BA in writing and film studies from Johns Hopkins.

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Home Theatre: N/A

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