Mañez are two ladies – Mandy Sellers and Paloma Nuñez.  If you put the names together, you get to use a little squiggly, and it sort of sounds like mayonnaise, and mayonnaise is fun!  So is Mañez!  They do transformations, which is a fancy type of improv that is so funny you will pee your pants!

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Mandy Sellers and Paloma Nuñez of Mañez

About the Group:

Mandy Sellers began improvising with the Impatient Theatre Co. in 2005, where she studied under Kevin Patrick Robbins, Sean Tabares, Allison Hogg and Jason Johnston. She was also part of the Harold Team Disco Turkey, which was featured at the 2006 Toronto Improv Festival. In the fall of 2006, Mandy relocated to Calgary and co-founded the sketch/improv duo Rock Awesome, with former ITC-mate Lauren Cochrane. They were featured at the 2007 LA Comedy Festival and the 2008 Del Close Marathon. While in Calgary, Mandy also co-founded improv troupe The Kinkonauts, which was featured at the 2007 Rapid Fire Theatre Improvaganza and the 2007 Toronto Improv Festival. Mandy returned to Toronto in late 2008 and became a part of the ITC Harold Team WDWMKR, official selection of the 2009 North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon and Vancouver International Improv Festival. When Mandy isn’t performing with WDWMKR, she is also a part of the 3-person troupe We’re From Here, with fellow ITC-mates Adrianne Gagnon and Erin Lovely. Mandy has also studied with: Betsy Stover and Ari Voukydis of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York; Alex Fendrich, Bill Arnett, Shad Kunkle, Jet Eveleth and Jason Chin at the i.O. Theater in Chicago; and, independently, with Jill Bernard, Asaf Ronen and Keith Johnstone. She recently completed the Annoyance Theatre intensive where she studied with Susan Messing, Mark Sutton, Mick Napier and Rich and Rebecca Sohn.

Paloma Nunez has been studying and performing improv for over 6 years! She is in love with it and has travelled across North America to study with Dave Razowsky (Second City Los Angeles), Joe Bill & Mark Sutton, Bill Arnett, Jason Chin, Rachel Mason and more (IO Chicago). Currently she performs with WDWMKR, an all female killer improv team that has performed in many North American improv festivals: DSI North Carolina, DCM New York City, Chicago Improv Festival, TIIF and Ottawa Improv Festival. Paloma also co-produces a monthly show, Key Party, starring Toronto’s top improv talent, the last Friday of every month at Comedy Bar. In the meantime, Paloma pursues a full time acting career. You may have seen her for a second on The Listener, or getting shot on The Border, if not, keep your eyes peeled, she hopes for more!


Hometown: Toronto
Home Theatre: N/A

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