OJ in a Sippy Cup

OJ in a Sippy Cup are two best friends, Julia Morales and Oscar Montoya, who share the improv stage in a very unique way. From a hardworking janitor looking for love on Craiglist, an insensitive mother giving a reality check to her 9-year-old child to two Justin Bieber fans realizing the fate of their unusual relationship, OJ in a Sippy Cup knows how to create some of the funniest and most memorable relationships you will ever see on stage. OJ has performed in the 2010 San Francisco Improv Festival and at theatres all over New York City including, The Peoples Improv Theatre (PIT), The Creek and Cave, Under St. Marks Theatre, and The Tank. Both performers are currently on The PIT House Teams, Local 154 (Oscar Montoya) and The Whiskey Rebellion (Julia Morales).

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Oscar Montoya and Julia Morales of OJ in a Sippy Cup

About the Group:

Oscar Montoya is an improviser and a hip-hop dancer originally from Palmira, Colombia. Oscar started improvising at The Peoples Improv Theater in 2008 and currently performs with house team Local 154 every Wednesday night. When not at the PIT, Oscar can be seen performing all over New York City with musical-improv team Zamboni!, freestyle-rap improv team North Coast, and two-prov team Julia Morales OJ (In a Sippy Cup). When not improvising, Oscar is probably playing copious amounts of video games (Katamari Damacy, any and all RPGs), watching awesome B-horror movies (Basket Case, anyone?) or writing Power Rangers fan fiction. Oscar has been described as “crazy,” “sexy” and “cool,” but never in the same sentence. Until now, apparently.

Julia Morales is a Blackorican actress and improviser from Houston, Texas where she began her improv roots studying with Massive Creativity/Massive Improv. She was introduced to the PIT in 2007 (thanks to Chris Grace). Julia fell deeply in love with the PIT and made a serious move to NYC in 2008 and became a PIT student after winning one of three NBC Diversity Scholarships. She attended the University of Houston and The American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in New York and Los Angeles. She is currently a member of the PIT house team, Senator. She also performs with Nobody’s Token, North Coast, and in a two-prov with her best friend Oscar Montoya, OJ in a Sippy Cup. Her favorite TV shows of all time are Martin, Saved by the Bell, Good Times, Tales from the Crypt and HBO’s Oz. She also loves dark chocolate, horror, mob, and 80s movies, playing video/board games, and listening to movie soundtrack scores.

Hometown: New York, NY
Home Theatre: The Peoples Improv Theater (The PIT)

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  1. Amanda Stills says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing this two in action!

    Break a leg!

  2. Shonte' Rucker-Washington says:

    OJ in a sippy cup is a very good show, they did a wonderful job, can’t wait to see it again. Bring your family and friends to see them, you will laugh out your seat.

  3. Sophia says:

    OJ in a Sippy cup is simply Brilliant! Awesome individuals deliver an exceptional performance… a guaranteed great time!

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