Red Letters

Bryan and Alyssa bring weird relationships to the stage in their two-man hilarity. The duo has been performing together since 2005. They’ve performed in Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, Charleston, Carrboro and Oklahoma City. Now, they are in Oklahoma where they are bringing big-city comedy improv to the small town.

“These two love improv and each other so much, it is a joy to watch them. Funny, classy, and smart…. they are a power duo of the first order. They are among the best in the biz.” -B.J. Ellis, Executive Director of The N Crowd in Philadelphia

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Alyssa Buckely and Bryan Buckley of Red Letters

About the Group:

Alyssa Buckley has been performing comedy for six years. Currently, she’s performing with Bryan Buckley as Red Letters in Oklahoma City and touring the country’s best improv festivals performing this duo. Alyssa is a veteran of some of the nation’s best comedy groups: Philadelphia’s The N Crowd, several house teams of the DSI Comedy Theatre of NC (including ComedySportz, Honkey Kong, DSI High, Average Ducks, Sister City, and The 708), and Clemson University’s Mock Turtle Soup. Alyssa has been a featured instructor for the Black Box Improv Festival in Atlanta, is an alum instructor of the DSI training program, and was a guest director of Mock Turtle Soup in Clemson. Alyssa has studied the art of improvisation and comedy with Zach Ward, Jeff Griggs, TJ Jagodowski, Anthony LeBlanc, Mark Sutton, Joe Bill, Asaf Ronen, Susan Messing and Anthony King. She is currently coaching Northeastern State University’s comedy improv team Homemade Fireworks with duo (and life) partner Bryan Buckley.

Bryan Buckley has been improvising and coaching since 2002. He is currently the manlier half of comedy duo Red Letters and the faculty advisor for the improv troupe at Northeastern State University called Homemade Fireworks Improv. Bryan coached and performed with Mock Turtle Soup out of Clemson University for six years. Upon graduation, he formed a two-person group, Red Letters, with his wife Alyssa in 2007. Bryan has performed in Chapel Hill, Orlando, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia and New York. He has studied under Jeff Griggs, Anthony LeBlanc, Mark Sutton, Joe Bill, Susan Messing, TJ Jagodowski, and Zach Ward.

Hometown: Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Home Theatre: N/A