RuBin (Ruby Marez & Binu Paulose) will improvise, create, & play several different characters within a single event. They’ll either be lovers or fighters – sometimes both. It will all end awkwardly. Directed by Megan Gray.

Tickets for this performance are still available!



About the Group:

Binu began studying long-form improv at the Magnet Theater & UCB Theater in February 2007. He has studied under Armando Diaz, David Razowsky, Rachel Hamilton, James Eason, Tara Copeland, John O’Donnell, Louis Kornfeld, Alex Marino, Joe Wengert, Zach Woods, Bob Acevedo, Jay Rhoderick, Jean Villepique, Joe Bill & Mark Sutton. He has performed with the indie groups Prozac Morris, Roid Rage, and B.S. (duo improv with Seth Yavit). Binu has also appeared on “The Whitest Kids U Know”, “Channel 101: NY”, “Penelope: Princess of Pets”, & “Popular Science’s Future Of”. You can currently see Binu perform with the improv collective Drivethru Baby and Rubin (duo improv with the lovely Ruby Marez). When he’s not improvising, Binu is either running, playing with his 2 cats (Cocoa & Shirley), having a drink with a friend or two, or contemplating which Criterion Collection DVD he needs to purchase. If he’s not doing any of the above listed, he’s likely at home watching an episode of “The Golden Girls” and writing about it on his Twitter feed.

Ruby Marez is an improviser from New York City.

Hometown: New York
Home Theatre: N/A

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