Sisser is a fully improvised two-person show, which begins with casual conversation that the players draw on to “paint” the stage with various objects while continuing the dialogue. The players then launch into a main scene (about 10 minutes) that takes place in the space they have illustrated until a significant moment in the scene propels them to snap out and resume their conversational style. The remainder of the show follows a similar format in which the players jump in and out of new scenes and second and third beats of the source scene, intermingled with brief conversations between the players that serve to uncover fresh points of interest and flesh out the overarching themes of the larger piece.  Ultimately, Sisser weaves together scenes rich with engaging, well-developed characters and casual, candid banter to create a thoroughly entertaining show that underscores the unique connection between its two players.

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Julia Hynes and Lindsey Dinsmore of Sisser

About the Group:

Originally from Erie, Pennsylvania, Julia has been improvising in NYC for a couple of years and owes much of her success to the fine instructors at the Magnet Theater, including Tara Copeland, Rachel Hamilton, James Eason, Alex Marino, Peter McNerney, Rick Andrews, and Armando Diaz. Other parts of her success she owes to her parents. When she is not making adults laugh at the Magnet, she is making children laugh in Sunset Park, where she teaches an English as a Second Language Kindergarten class. You can see her performing round the “Giant Apple” on the Megawatt Team Brick and with Lindsey Dinsmore as Sisser.

Hometown: New York, NY
Home Theatre: Magnet Theater

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