Improv duo Nick Kanellis and Peter McNerney meld playful physical transformation and careful scenework in a show that delivers an impressively quick and detailed overlap of events in its conclusion. It’s a high-energy, character driven explosion.  Trike is a Time Out New York Critic’s Pick. Peter and Nick have improvised together in Trike, Statues of Liberty, Titanic Players, Mee-Ow, and various other groups.  Peter was actually the first person to teach Nick improv, so if they were vampires, he’d be his maker!

Tickets for this performance are still available!


Peter McNerney and Nick Kanellis of Trike

About the Group:

Peter is the Artistic Director at the Magnet, an instructor and performs every Saturday night with Trike. He is also the Casting Director and Associate Artistic Director with The Story Pirates (, New York’s premier absurdist children’s theater company and is a co-writer and director of Sax & Dixon (Montreal – Just for Laughs, Ars Nova NYC). Peter is from Winnetka, Illinois and Edina, Minnesota and graduated from Northwestern University

Nick Kanellis is an Iowa born human who began improvising in Chicago and now improvises in New York. He can currently be seen with Trike at the Magnet Theater. Nick works as a performer and teaching artist with the Story Pirates, which the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart calls “crazy entertaining,” and as a motion capture actor for Launch, where he dons a spandex suit covered in reflective balls to do the movements for animated characters. He can be seen playing Gary in the upcoming film “Virgin Alexander,” and has made appearances on Comedy Central’s Onion SportsDome, SiriusXM Radio’s Absolutely Mindy!, and as the professional wrestler King of Hearts on MTV’s “Truth” add campaign. Nick is not secretly a vigilante crime fighter known as Captain K9, but they are very close friends. In 2010, he was named one of “Three to Watch” in comedy by Time Out New York.

Hometown: New York, NY

Home Theatre: Magnet Theater


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