Dustin and Andrew were both born in upstate New York, where life is relaxed and Subways are full of sandwiches. Four years ago they moved to NYC to find life is faster, and subways are full of homeless people. Like their life stories, their improv starts off slow and relaxed and builds to a fast paced mosaic of characters and relationships. Sometimes their worlds collide and sandwiches eat the homeless.



Andrew Yurman-Glaser and Dustin Drury of Upstate

About the Group:

Andrew is a comedian and writer living in Brooklyn. He has been studying and performing improv and sketch in NYC since 2006. He has studied with Anthony King, Christina Gausas, Armando Diaz, Michael Delaney, Alex Marino, James Eason, Billy Merritt, Charlie Todd, Zach Woods, and Shannon O’Neill to name a few. Andrew improvises with indie teams The Stamp and Coin Club, Raphael, Scoundrel, Rockhammer, and Upstate. Andrew grew up in Rochester, New York and will blindly defend all things Rochester. As a result, his favorite things happen to be Genny Lite, garbage plates, Country Sweet wings, Zweigles white hots, and the gravestone of Frederick Douglass. He went to Binghamton University where he performed with the improv and sketch group the Pappy Parker Players. At Binghamton he studied under Ryan Vaughan. He also created his own major through an Individualized Major Program called Humor. No fooling.

Dustin started his improv career at Bate College in 2002 with The Strange Bedfellows. He began studying at UCBT in New York in 2006 and has since performed with The Stamp and Coin Club, Iron Ruckus, The Spinoffs, Improverite: The Documentary, and The Macroscene. Dustin writes and produces as 1/3 of YouTube sketch group Dr. Coolsex Comedy. He and Andrew Yurman-Glaser perform as the improv duo Upstate which can be seen at The Magnet Theater.

Hometown: New York, NY
Home Theatre: Magnet Theater

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