Duofest Workshops!

We’ve just put our workshops for the weekend of Duofest – taught by headliners Joe Bill (Second City, iO Chicago, The Annoyance) and Jill Bernard (HUGE) – up on the website and you are encouraged to sign up quickly! There are not a lot of spaces and demand will probably be significant!

We’ve got two other great workshops taught by some of the duos that are coming into town. Rachel and Dave will be teaching a workshop called “Put the Relationship Back in Your Relationship Scenes” (and they should know what they’re doing here since they are actually real-life married), and Twinprov is doing a really exciting and fun Freestyle Improvised Hip-Hop workshop.

All the workshops are available from the workshops section of the Duofest site!

One thought on “Duofest Workshops!

  1. Registrations update for curious/waiting to register types…

    Jill Bernard’s workshop has 4 spaces remaining
    Joe Bill’s workshop has 6 spaces remaining
    Twinprov’s workshop has 8 spaces remaining

    Remember: he who hesitates is lost!

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