Scott Adsit

Scott-Adsit-Duofest-InstructorSCOTT ADSIT is an American actor, writer and improvisational comedian. He is best known for co-starring as Pete Hornberger in the NBC comedy 30 Rock and in the Adult Swim stop-motion animation programs Moral Orel and Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole. In addition to his duo Adsit & Eveleth (which headlines Duofest 2013) he has appeared with Philly Improv Theater as part of Adsit & Gausas. He also performs in a duo with John Lutz (SNL, 30 Rock) called John & Scott. Prior to achieving wider recognition on TV, Scott performed as a member of the Mainstage, ETC, and Northwest companies of the Second City in Chicago.

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