Workshop Submissions Now Open!

We’re excited to announce that Duofest 2014  is now accepting submissions for workshops at this year’s festival. In past year’s we have asked friends from across the country to do workshops, and also worked with performers who were accepted into the festival and needed financial help getting here to offer them workshop opportunities. We think that having a clear and open process for submitting a workshop ideas this year will benefit everyone: performers can let us know their ideas and whether or not being able to teach will impact their availability to come, and as a result of an open process we’ll receive more ideas and can select and even great number of diverse and interesting workshops to offer at this year’s festival.

The workshop submission form is available under the “Workshops” section of the site. The workshop submission deadline is the same as our regular registration deadline – March 22, 2014 at 11:59 pm. – and all potential instructors will be notified of their workshops acceptance at the same time as we send notifications to selected performers. There is no additional fee to submit a workshop proposal.

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