The Kristen & Amie Show/The Amie & Kristen Show

Two babes from Philadelphia who are best friends and make up improv together. An explosion of id.


Performing on Friday June 6th, 2014 at 8:02 pm
Amie and Kristen generate a girly, risky, playful, fully improvised show by morphing the sound and physicality of one scene into the next. The use of these organic transitions results in fluid and fast paced show that never stops!Amie and Kristen are based in Philadelphia and have been performing together for three years.  They were winners of Philadelphia Comedy WitOut award for “Best Small Improv Group” in 2011. They have appeared at many festivals including: Out of Bounds (Austin, TX), Vancouver International Improv Festival (Vancouver, BC), Big City Improv Festival (Toronto, ONT), Del Close Marathon (NYC, NY), Baltimore Improv Festival (Baltimore, MD) Chicago Improv Festival (Chicago, IL), Providence Improv Festival (Providence, RI), Detroit Improv Festival (Detroit, MI),  Boston Comedy Arts Festival (Boston, MA), Women In Comedy Festival (Boston, MA) and many more.
New York, NY & Philadelphia / The Magnet Theater/Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)THE PERFORMERS
Amie Roe, Kristen Schier

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