Welcome to the complete performance schedule for Duofest 2016! This year’s fest will take place from Wednesday, June 1st – Saturday, June 4th.

Wednesday June 1st 2016
07:00PM: Sister, Brother (Philly/DC)
07:30PM: Jed & Dan (Bethlehem, PA)

08:00PM: Sad Trombone (Philly)
08:30PM: Ferrari McSpeedy (Minneapolis)

09:00PM: Bait & Switch (Wakefield, RI)
09:30PM: Den Mother (Philly)

10:00PM: Suggestical: An Improvised Musical (Philly)
10:30PM: SOPHIE: The Musical (Boston)

Thursday June 2nd 2016
07:00PM: Michael Loves Greg (Philly)
07:30PM: Brain’s Song (Hartford)

08:00PM: Proper Dodgy (Philadelphia)
08:30PM: SOPHIE: The Musical (Boston)

09:00PM: ThunderBox (NYC)
09:30PM: The Amie & Kristen Show/The Kristen & Amie Show (Philly/NYC)

10:00PM: Cat & Vegas and the Temple of Boom (New Jersey)
10:30PM: Juliet & Juliet (Minneapolis)

Friday June 3rd 2016
07:00PM: ChuTopp (Austin)
07:30PM: Fourth Date (San Diego)

08:00PM: Juliet & Juliet (Minneapolis)
08:30PM: Midy Zevlin (Boston/NYC)

09:00PM: Snow Nutt (Philly)
09:30PM: Big Bang (Boston/Sarasota, FL)

10:00PM: Creamy (Los Angeles)
10:30PM: Matt & (Philly)

11:00PM: Ferrari McSpeedy (Minneapolis)
11:30PM: Coko & Daphney (Toronto)

Saturday June 4th 2016
06:00PM: #puppies (New Jersey/DC)
06:30PM: Miracle Pig (Houston)

07:00PM: Elemenopee (Winter Park, FL)
07:30PM: The End (Atlanta)

08:00PM: DallHaus (Minneapolis)
08:30PM: Perfectly Stupid (Boston)

09:00PM: Austin/Austin (Austin)
09:30PM: Folk Lordz (Edmonton)

10:00PM: The Amie & Kristen Show/The Kristen & Amie Show (Philly/NYC)
10:30PM: Kurtis & Buckman (Austin/Philly)

11:00PM: Big Bang (Boston/Sarasota)
11:30PM: Midy Zevlin (Boston/NYC)